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Our Chipping Varieties

Agria With excellent fry qualities. Agria has big, long oval tubers, yellow skin and deep yellow flesh colour.

Maris Piper has golden skin and creamy white flesh with a fluffy texture. This makes it a versatile all-rounder, great for chips and roast potatoes, but also good for mash and wedges.

Markies Yellow skin and light-yellow flesh colour. With a floury cooking texture and excellent dry matter, content absorb less oil when fried has a very low sugar content and low acrylamide levels.

Sagitta is a round potato with shallow eyes. It has golden Skin and a fluffy texture due to its high dry matter content. The potato does not tend to discolour on cooking. This variety is very good for chipping or roasting. 


New Varieties

Babylon The tubers are large, oval long and have shallow eyes. Babylon’s sugar levels remain stable throughout storage resulting in excellent frying and eating qualities Francis A very early new potato variety with a light-yellow flesh colour the long to long oval tuber shape and early high dry matter contents it is ideally suited for early chipping producing excellent frying colours available at the end of June. 

Potato Products 

25kg Chipping Potatoes Traditional chip shop chips - chunky and golden on the outside and delicious, fluffy potato on the inside 

10kg Fresh Cut Chips Consistency - you'll be confident that you are selling the finest chips made from real, quality potatoes that are sure to leave your customers wanting more! Save time and money - no preparation is needed at all, so save on your energy bills and time. Guaranteed freshness and quality - each bag is vacuum packed which gives a shelf life of approximately 6 days if refrigerated correctly. Not frozen - these are FRESH chips, meaning amazing quality and flavour every time. Thick chips - our 14mm x 17mm fresh chips are perfect for creating the ideal chip shop chip. 

Also Available Washed for your convenience suitable for roasting, chipping, mashing and baking use for skins on fries and wedges ideal for Pubs, cafes and restaurants. 20kg Chipping and Roasting Potatoes 15kg Baking Potatoes 10kg Baby Boiling / Salad Potatoes

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