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Seed and Agronomy

Isle of Ely Produce are authorized seed potato distributors of leading seed houses and high grade seed growers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.

By monitoring trends we are the right company to discuss the best way each variety will match your soil type and agronomy and by variety selection for the right market.

We use specialist transport to ensure your seed is delivered in the right condition and on time. We have a dedicated agronomist who offers support and help seed customers maximize production and profits.

We aim for you to have first hand, objective and truly independent seed quality data that enables you to negotiate with the seed supplier on the basis of facts. Only by detailed observations of seed crops in the field, and in stores, is it possible to identify the best managed seed crops.

Our every effort is made to ensure first-class liaison between buyer and seller. This support will continue, if required, during the whole growth cycle of the ware crop.

We will arrange for you and our specialist agricultural advisor to:

Inspect seed crops prior to desiccation - test digs are made to look for tell-tale signs underground, for example rotting seed tubers, stem canker, brown flecking caused by the skin spot fungus and the general fitness and appearance. Low levels of blight, blackleg and other diseases can be spotted in the field which, once the crop is desiccated, becomes invisible.

During late autumn the stores are visited, washed samples are assessed and the general condition of the store is evaluated.

On delivery, a sample is drawn from each lorry, washed and assessed for quality, including a microscopic assessment ("eye plug test").

Relevant crop data is collated for example planting, desiccation, harvest dates and tuber counts. Advice may be given on seed rates, chemical treatments or other relevant crop recommendations as necessary.