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We understand that varieties and growing methods required for the chipping industry are very different to the traditional. Great attention is paid to a different set of standards including: dry matters, sugar balances, fry colour and cook-ability.

With large, regular shaped tubers, our most popular potato varieties are suitable for boiling, chipping, mashing and roasting. We supply unwashed but brushed condition. These are perfect for hotels, restaurants and catering services.

For importers and exporters we carefully select suitable varieties grown on land that produce potatoes with smooth skins, bright colour and regular shape. In co-operation with our growers based in the UK and Europe, we ensure all year-round supply with best practice and value at all times.

With good uniformity, clean peel, no dis-coloration after cooking and a balanced dry matter. We mange suitable varieties from our grower group for leading industry processors, and peelers and can source from our expanding grower base to ensure continuity year-round supply.