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Did You Know?

Fish & Chip facts!

With more than 382 million fish and chip shop meals (featuring fish) consumed a year, the traditional dish of fish and chips is still top of the league of the UK's favourite takeaway foods.

Fish and chip shops sell annually six meals for every man, woman and child in the UK

Fish and chips are traditionally eaten at dinner - 80% of all fish and chip meals from fish and chip shops are bought during evening dinner hours.

Cod is the most popular fish sold in fish and chip shops although haddock and other whitefish species like plaice, hake and whiting are also popular.

Nearly a fifth of all fish sold in the out of home market comes from a fish and chip shop.

The first mention of fried fish was in Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, which was published in 1837. Then in the 1850s, street traders sold pieces of fried fish and cooked 'shaved' potatoes in newspapers on the streets and alleys of London.

Joseph Malin was said to have opened the first fish and chip shop back in the 1860s and Mr John Lees opened the first fish and chip shop outside London in Mossley, near Ashton in Cheshire in 1863.

There are over 10,000 fish and chip shops in the UK.

For chips prepared in the home, nearly 60% are oven baked, over a third are fried and 3% come out of the microwave. 

Friday is the most popular day of the week for eating chips, with around a fifth of the chips eaten then.

A recent survey confirmed that 87% of the population love chips! 

In one year we eat nearly three billion meals containing chips. 

Nearly 200 million chip meals are sold in fish and chip shops each year. 

Fish and chips outsell Indian takeaways by two to one. 


Fish and chips have 9.4 grams of fat per 100 grams, beating other takeaways - the average high street chain burger has 14.8 grams and French fries have 15.5grams.

A portion of sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice and two spring rolls  contains 22% more calories than a portion of fish and chips. 

An average portion of chip shop chips contains 686 fewer calories than a doner kebab. 

Chip shop chips that are cooked for the optimum 5-6 minutes will absorb less fat as they are not left in the oil any longer than necessary. 

Shaking and draining your chips can reduce fat absorption by 20% and make your chips crisper. This is because chips carry on absorbing fat after they come out of the fryer. 

A study has shown that thin chips contained, on average, more than 1.5 times the fat of a thick chip cooked under the same conditions, making fat chips the healthier option. 

Other Trivia

Chris Verschueren, from Kastel, Belgium holds the world record for the longest chip cooking marathon. He cooked for 83 hours, serving 15,000 portions of chips.  

A quarter of all potatoes grown in Britain are made into chips – that’s around 1.5 million tonnes each year, or nearly the same weight as 125,000 full double decker buses. 

The record number of chip portions sold in a fish & chip shop in one day was 4,000.  

The chips eaten in Great Britain each year come from potatoes weighing the equivalent of nearly 2.9 million Formula 1 cars.  Laid end to end, those chips would take you around Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit over 1.5 million times – equivalent to more than 26,000 British Grand Prix’s. 

During the Second World War, chips were one of the few foods that weren’t rationed. 

The world’s largest fish and chip portion was made in July 2011 at the Wensleydale Heifer.